Hasanov: Azerbaijan does not comply with the CE penal rules

Former political prisoners are concerned about the conditions of the "prisoners of conscience," said Elshan Hasanov,  the coordinator of the Public Alliance "Azerbaijan has no political prisoners."

Despite  old age and disease, a known human rights activist Leyla Yunus  is kept in intolerable conditions. She  is not provided with proper medical care, cannot receive the dietary food and medicine.

Arif Yunus  is kept in the basement of the Ministry of National Security, and this is the only information about him; there is no information about his health, and he is not allowed to meet with a lawyer, Hasanov said.

NO medical assistance is provided for another arrested human rights activist, Intigam Aliyev.

The fate of Emin Huseynov - IRFS Director is also unknown; his office was sealed after the search and seizure of equipment and documentation.

"We are concerned for the lives of human rights defenders  due to certain reasons:  the Penitentiary Service repeatedly documented the torture and deaths from torture.

Azerbaijan ratified the  CE Convention on the  Prison Rules, and we demand that the treatment of "prisoners of conscience"  be in line with the standards of this Convention," said Hasanov.—06D--

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