Held a rally demanding the cancellation of the results of the presidential elections

Baku/27.10.13/Turan : On Sunday at the stadium " Mehsul " in Yasamal district , despite the heavy rain , a rally was held, demanding the cancellation of the results of the presidential election on October 9 and new elections.

 The rally was organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces ( NCDF ) .

 The presidential candidate of NCDF Jamil Gasanli went to the podium accompanied by youth leaders , in speeches that expressed the view that it is Gasanli thast won the election , but the results were rigged.

 Gasanli himself said that the authorities disgraced themselves and the world recognized falsifying the elections on October 9.

 But, he continued , the democratic forces exposed the actions of the authorities and the evidence of that was the hasty inauguration.

 "They were forced to hastily hold this quasi inauguration immediately after the announcement of their fake victory by the Constitutional Court. Nowhere else in the world was the inauguration of the president in secret from the local and international community," said Gasanli .

 And Gasanli called the appointment of the new government of former ministers the desire of the authorities to continue the corruption and tyranny.

 Next Gasanli focused on the issue of political prisoners who are more than 20 people - opposition and youth activists , human rights defenders and journalists.

 Gasanli also said that members of PACE and the European Parliament that gave a positive assessment of the falsified elections would be exposed in their countries.

 Gasanli also urged the participants to arrange a public reprimand of the rigged elections in Azerbaijan.

 " This government is illegitimate , it should go away and it will leave," said Gasanli .

 Performances by Gasanli and other speakers were welcomed with the slogans of " Resign! ", " Ilham go!", "Jamil Bey, we are proud of you!" etc.

 The resolution of the meeting put forward the following demands: to release the political prisoners , to take into account the views of local and international awareness of the elections and to stop the pressure on the newspaper Azadlig .

 According to the organizers, the rally was attended by over 10,000 people.

 The action took place without incident . The organizers called on protesters not to announce slogans outside the stadium at the end of the meeting and this appeal was heard. -06D -

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