Ilham Aliyev called basic principles of peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Baku/15.07.21 / Turan: Azerbaijan is ready to sign a peace treaty with Armenia, President Ilham Aliyev said on Wednesday.
"In other words, we are ready to start this work. However, no official reaction from Armenia has come so far. Unofficial sources say that Armenia is not ready for a piece treaty. I think that would be a big mistake. Just as the Armenian side made big mistakes when committing war crimes on the eve and during the war," Aliyev said at the ceremony of handing over apartments and cars to the families of martyrs and war invalids in the village of Khojasan in the Binagadi district of Baku..

That might become another big mistake of Armenia, Aliyev believes. "The point is that our proposal is based on a new real situation. We believe that the issue has been resolved, there should be a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It is crucial to recognize each party's territorial integrity, recognize borders, and launch delimitation work. I must add that international organizations are now positive about the delimitation issue," Aliyev continued.

To his thinking, Armenia should think carefully about consequences of non-signing of a peace treaty.

"If Armenia is unwilling to do that, then it is Armenia's own matter; however, it'd be better for them to think carefully about this, otherwise, it might be too late. Just as if they had voluntarily left our lands at one time, they would not have found themselves in such a shameful situation. Our proposal is the proposal of the victor-party, powerful and victorious people," Aliyev emphasized.

In his view, Azerbaijan "systematically implements all plans related to creative work, and the start to this work has already been given." "As I have already noted, we will turn Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur into a paradise. People will return there, they will live peacefully on the land of their ancestors," Aliyev stressed.—06D--

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