Ilham Aliyev on Change of Staff, Black PR and “Fifth Column”

Baku / 11.03.20 / Turan: The presidential administration was formed in a completely new composition, and new departments were created. Similar changes have occurred in the Cabinet. Personnel reforms were carried out in the ministries and in local executive bodies. These are structural reforms. This was stated by Ilham Aliyev, speaking on March 10 at the first meeting of the new parliament of the country.

He called the events in some local executive bodies “shame”, which “provokes the indignation of all our people.” Cleaning will continue in the central and local executive bodies and in all state structures.

He further called on MPs to be active in protecting the country from libelous information. “We have long been faced with these slanderous campaigns in Azerbaijan. The main reason for this is our independent policy, because we do not bow our heads to anyone. Therefore, a black PR campaign is being waged against us,” he said.

There is no factor in the country that poses a threat to socio-political stability. Therefore, anti-Azerbaijani forces are trying to create these factors outside the country. They no longer rely on a group that calls itself the opposition, so work is underway to create a new fifth column, Aliyev said.

“In this regard, I want to strictly warn all political forces: this is the path of betrayal, so the one who follows this path will commit treason to the people and the state. Therefore, all our internal problems should be resolved in Azerbaijan. We must not export political discord abroad. This is pointless, because today in the world there is no force that can impose any decision on us, or dictate something to us. There is no such force, and as long as I am President, there will not be. No one can put pressure on Azerbaijan or threaten it with sanctions,” Aliyev said. -02D-


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