Ilham Aliyev: There will be no political course change

Baku / 11.03.20 / Turan: There are no alternatives to the political course pursued by the Azerbaijani authorities today. For about 27 years, the country has been living in stability.  Aliyev said this, speaking to members of parliament.

“See what processes are happening around us - wars, the flow of refugees, coups, civil strife, crises. Countries have broken up, the geographical borders of many states, one might say, do not reflect the real situation, that is, these countries maintain sovereignty and territorial integrity only on maps. In fact, they have long lost them; have long been divided into tribes, communities, various regions.

What revolution has benefited? Only harm, problems, confrontations, and they continue. Look at the post-Soviet space and the situation in Azerbaijan,” Aliyev said. -02D-


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