Leyla Yunus nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

The International Coalition of women human rights defenders nominated Leyla Yunus for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015.

The press release from the coalition said that Yunus is one of the most active defenders of human rights in Azerbaijan, who is involved in peace programs, protects the property rights of citizens, as well as political prisoners.

  "For all that, she pays a high price - she was arrested in July, and a few days later her husband was also arrested. In jail, she is subjected to torture and inhuman treatment. She is seriously ill and she is denied necessary medical treatment," the report says.

"I think it is the courage of Leyla that makes her exceptional. Despite the detention conditions, she remains firm on the issue of protection of the rights of political prisoners," said Charlotte Bunch, Professor and head of the Center for Gender issues at Rutgers University.

"Nomination of Leyla Yunus for this award is real honor and proves that the international community closely follows her case," Bunch added.

This nomination also demonstrates the harmful strategy of the Azerbaijani authorities to limit dissent. The Coalition of Women Human Rights Defenders calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to immediately release Leyla Yunus and her husband arrested for political reasons.

The Coalition also calls on the President of France to make an appeal for the release of the spouses Yunus during the meeting with President Ilham Aliyev in Paris. -02D-

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