Мазахир Панахов

Мазахир Панахов

Baku / 07.03.18 / Turan: CEC head Mazahir Panahov said the opposition rally on March 10 is illegal.

In an interview with reporters, he said that pre-election campaigning cannot begin before March 19.

According to him, holding a rally and expressing the attitude towards any candidates will be a violation of the requirements of the Electoral Code.

Panahov expressed a hope that political parties, being "sufficiently experienced organizations, will not deliberately violate the requirements of the Electoral Code."

Recall that the rally under the slogan No Robbery, End to Monarchy on March 10 has been appointed by the National Council of Democratic Forces, the Popular Front Party and Musavat.

The pre-election campaign begins on March 19. -16d-

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