Medical examination confirmed that Gubad Ibadoglu has  serious  health problems

Medical examination confirmed that Gubad Ibadoglu has  serious  health problems

On April 23, academic economist Gubad Ibadoglu underwent a medical examination at a civilian clinic after being released under house arrest. His brother Galib Bayramov reported that there are no serious problems in the spleen and kidneys. His cholesterol levels are normal because he was taking medication regularly. However, the liver is enlarged.

The greatest concern was the condition of the heart. Before the arrest, the diameter of the aorta at the root was 37 mm.  In October 2023, when Ibadoglu was examined at the Central Clinical Hospital, the aortic diameter increased to 44 mm at the root and to 41 mm in the ascending part. However, doctors did not see the threat of an aneurysm. Tomography on April 23 revealed aortic cleavage at the root and in the ascending part already up to 50 mm.

According to medical prescriptions, when the aorta is expanded to 52 mm. surgical intervention is necessary. It turns out that during the arrest, the aorta was rapidly expanding. This is the result of stress, high blood pressure and lack of proper treatment, Bayramov noted. In addition, a high blood sugar level was confirmed - 164.2 on an empty stomach, which is significantly higher than normal.  The glycohemoglobin index also turned out to be high – 9.

Due to high sugar levels, doctors consider it inappropriate to operate on toes that have turned black. A nodule with a diameter of 3.3 mm has been identified in the thyroid gland and there is a possibility of its growth due to diabetes. A biopsy is necessary to determine the malignancy of the node. And finally, the prostate gland is enlarged, said Gubad Ibadoglu's brother.

* On July 23, 2023, the Narimanov District Court of Baku arrested Gubad Ibadoglu for 3 months and 26 days on charges under Article 204.3.1 (sale of counterfeit money), as well as under Article 167-3.1 of the Criminal Code (storage and distribution of extremist materials).

A number of countries and international organizations, including the U.S. State Department, U.S. senators and congressmen, called for Ibadoglu's release. He is recognized as a political prisoner.

On April 22, 2024, the court granted the defense's request to transfer Ibadoglu to house arrest.

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