" Musavat" lost belief in the National Council (UPDATED)

"Musavat" party issued a statement on leaving  the National Council. Without specifying a particular reason, "Musavat" explained  its decision by the fact that the nomination of a single opposition candidate in the presidential election did not help to win elections, and protest actions did not become widespread.

"To achieve a fundamental change in society new methods and different tactics  should be used," reads the statement. Taking it into account  "Musavat" proposed bilateral cooperation with real political forces , but "some" did not respond adequately to it.

"In the view of the above mentioned,  the party considers inexpedient further participation in the National Council , but it is ready for bilateral and multilateral cooperation functional,"  reads the statement. -05D-

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2014 January 07 (Tuesday) 13:01:16

The Musavat party withdrew from the National Council, the deputy chairman of the party Mehman Javadoghlu told Turan. According to him, the decision was taken at a meeting of the party on January 6.

He declined to comment on the reasons for the decision, noting that in the next few hours the party will issue a statement on the event.

Recall that Musavat was one of the founders of the National Council, created as an opposition political alliance ahead of presidential elections in 2013 .

The composition of the National Council then included the parties Open Society, Liberal , PPFA , Classic Popular Front, and Musavat and the movement El.

Recently, representatives of Musavat and media close to the party increasingly hinted that the National Council is a project of the Kremlin. In particular, they wrote about the presence of "obligations to a foreign country," at Rustam Ibrahimbekov, referring to his dual citizenship. However, no evidence of such obligations has ever been submitted.

* June 7, 2013 the National Council held its founding meeting with the participation of representatives of international organizations and foreign embassies. The known screenwriter Rustam Ibrahimbekov was elected its Chairman.

The National Council was subsequently left by the parties Open Society and Liberal.

August 23, 2013 the National Council decided to nominate Jamil Hasanli as a replacement candidate for the presidential elections . This decision was due to the fact that there were problems with the registration of the main candidate, Rustam Ibrahimbekov.

Ibrahimbekov subsequently resigned as chairman of the National Council, proposing Jamil Hasanli instead. -16D04-


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