Ombudsman of Dagestan Talks with Azerbaijanis from Kullar Camp

Baku / 19.06.20 / Turan: Dagestan’s human rights ombudsman Jamal Aliyev held a video-conferencing meeting with Azerbaijani citizens who are in a camp near the village of Kullar and awaiting passage through the state border. RIA was informed about this in the press service of the Ombudsman.

During the conversation, Azerbaijani citizens reported dissatisfaction with the procedure for the formation by the Azerbaijani side of lists of citizens for passing through the border. Thus, persons who have been in the camp for more than 2 months cannot be included in these lists.

One of the citizens informed Aliyev that he was seriously ill and was diagnosed with epilepsy in the Derbent hospital (there are supporting documents), in connection with which he asks to facilitate his early return to Azerbaijan.

On this issue and several others, Jamal Aliyev sent an appeal to the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan, with whom he maintains contact on issues related to the return of Azerbaijani citizens.

It should be noted that today about 400 citizens are expected to move to Azerbaijan at the state border.   -02D-


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