On Independence Day, the President of Azerbaijan lays the foundation for new villages in the Aghdam district

On Independence Day, the President of Azerbaijan lays the foundation for new villages in the Aghdam district

On May 28, Independence Day, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev initiated important development projects, laying the foundation for four new villages in the Aghdam region — Shotanli, Nemirli, Tagibeyli and Gulluja.

In the presence of local officials and members of the public, the President launched construction projects aimed at restoring and modernizing these historic villages. For example, the Shotanli development plan covers an area of 197.4 hectares and provides for the accommodation of 3,000 people in 750 new houses. At the first stage, 205 families will be settled in houses from two to five rooms.

Each village is designed as an independent unit with modern amenities, including schools, kindergartens, medical centers and public facilities such as sports and wellness centers, shopping malls and administrative buildings. There are also plans to create the infrastructure necessary for rural growth, such as agricultural warehouses, machine and tractor parks and even specialized facilities for viticulture and animal husbandry.

It is planned to accommodate 3,036 people in the village of Nemirli, which will cover an area of 211 hectares. It is also equipped with extensive facilities aimed at supporting local agriculture and providing comprehensive public services.

Gulluja, the largest of the three, will spread over an area of 388.44 hectares and is expected to accommodate about 4,000 people. The project includes ambitious plans for the development of agriculture, including a milk reception point, sites for the production of dairy products and dried fruits, a grape processing plant and other facilities.

President Aliyev's commitment to these regions is part of a broader strategy to settle and revitalize the war-ravaged areas of the Aghdam district, with a focus on sustainable development and modern infrastructure that supports both the economic and social regeneration of the community.

On the same day, President Ilham Aliyev, accompanied by First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva and their daughter Arzu Aliyeva, also visited Khojaly, where they inspected the recently renovated and reconstructed 15 apartment buildings and met with the first residents who returned to Khojaly.

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