Pardoning of Akif Chovdarov — is a Challenge to the Society

Baku / 06.04.20 / Turan: The pardon of former MNS generals Akif Chovdarov and Subahir Gurbanov caused criticism from representatives of civil society and the opposition.

A member of the working group on the preparation of a single list of political prisoners, investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, in an interview with Turan, noted that there were only two people who were recognized as political prisoners among the pardoned. This is an activist of the Islamic Party Faramiz Abbasov and Eldar Binyadov (Bunyadov).convicted of the Nardaran events.

“This pardon document is not really aimed at solving the problem of political prisoners. It also notes that pardon is associated with age and the Corona Virus. But the list also has a famous name. This is Akif Chovdarov. He is not a political prisoner; on the contrary, for many years he was a leading figure in political repression. Imagine that Akif Chovdarov has been released, and political prisoners have not been released. I understand that this is a humanitarian step for people at risk. But Akif Chovdarov must be isolated from society. Chovdarov has committed so many serious crimes that his release is a serious message dangerous for society,” said Ismayilova.

Jamil Hasanli, chairman of the National Council of Democratic Forces, sharply criticized the pardon of former officials of the Ministry of National Security.

“They pardoned Akif Chovdarov and Subahir Gurbanov, who, being generals of the Ministry of National Security, actually undermined the security of the state and society. had a great influence on the security of the state and nation, and played an important role in the corruption of the Ministry of National Security. They were stained with corruption and crime. And now they are being released, leaving in prison the innocently convicted veterans of the Karabakh war Babek Hasanov, Saleh Rustamli, and Tofig Yagublu sent to prison again,” Hasanli wrote on his Facebook page.

The chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Ali Kerimli, also considers unfair the release of MNS generals, leaving more than 130 political prisoners in prison, including Tofig Yagublu, Saleh Rustamli, Babek Hasanov, and veterans of the Karabakh war.
“We are happy for the vast majority of the 176 pardoned. However, it is not right to leave political prisoners in prisons. To divide the nation into friends and foes (even enemies) at every opportunity is harmful for both the state and Ilham Aliyev himself. This policy must be abandoned, because it can have detrimental consequences for the country. Most political prisoners and other convicts should be released,” Kerimli wrote on his Facebook page.
The head of the Musavat party, Arif Hajili, believes that the release of the former MNS generals is a challenge to society.

“Today's pardon decree was met with great disappointment. In the context of the growing epidemic, the decree was supposed to apply to thousands of prisoners. Tens of thousands of prisoners are being released in Turkey, Iran and other countries. This would reduce the tension in society in the current situation. We suggested taking such a step in Azerbaijan to release political prisoners and thousands of other prisoners. Unfortunately, the government still has not taken into account the interests of society and has not accepted our proposals. Abandonment of political prisoners such as Tofig Yagublu and Babek Hasanov, and the release of serious criminals such as Akif Chovdarov, is a public challenge,” the Musavat head told Turan.

The journalist Eynulla Fatullayev, while in prison, stated that Chovdarov threatened to do the same to him as he did to the editor-in-chief of the Monitor magazine Elmar Huseynov, who was killed in 2005.

The lawyer Elchin Sadigov also told the media about Chovdarov’s threats to him when he defended Fatullayev and the journalist Aghil Khalil. -03B06-


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