The CSTO does not answer the question what is the area of responsibility of this organization in Armenia? The CSTO has not been answering this question since 2021. This poses a threat to the national security and territorial integrity of Armenia. 

This was stated by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, speaking in the Armenian parliament on Wednesday. 

Referring to his statement on the "freezing" of relations with the CSTO, Pashinyan specified: "We have not had a permanent representative in the CSTO for a year. We have not participated in high-level CSTO events for a long time. The CSTO uses the principle of consensus to make decisions, but we do not participate in it, because we do not know why we should participate," Pashinyan said.

"But the EU clearly recognized the borders of Armenia as a quadripartite statement in Granada in October 2023 and the Prague statement of October 6, 2022. Russia also recognized Armenia's borders with a tripartite declaration of October 31, 2022, which was signed by the President of Russia. However, at the CSTO summit in Yerevan, the members of the organization actually refused to do the same, Armenian Prime Minister noted. 

"The CSTO, despite its obligations to ensure Armenia's security, does exactly the opposite. Now we have de facto frozen relations with the CSTO, and if this process continues, we will have to freeze relations de jure," Pashinyan stressed.

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