People selling fake Journalist IDs Detained

Baku / 08.04.20 / Turan: Police detained two people for falsifying and selling journalistic IDs for free movement in a quarantine regime.

Baku residents Anar Iskenderov and Aslan Bayramov made fake documents with the prints of the magazines Sağlam Həyat Naminə (For a Healthy Life) and Siyasət və Gerçək Uğur (Politics and Real Success) for sale, the Interior Ministry said.

In fact, a lawsuit  has been filed under  the Articles 320 (falsification, illegal production or sale of official documents, state awards, seals, stamps, letterheads or the use of fake documents) and  the Article 139-1.1 (violation of the anti-epidemic and quarantine regimes) of the Criminal Code.

Iskenderov and Bayramov were brought to the investigation as suspects. They found and seized a large number of fake certificates, blank forms and seals. —06D-


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