Picket in the "reservation"  is held

Baku/08.10.19/Turan: On October 8, a picket by opposition activists in front of the Mayor"s office ended with the announcement of a resolution. It put forward requirements for the authorities to comply with international obligations and the norms of the country's constitution to ensure freedom of assembly.

In particular, it was called not to impede the holding of pickets, rallies and marches in Baku and other cities of the country, organized by prior notification of the authorities. Do not arrest anyone, do not fine or dismiss from work for participating in protests.

The police let up to 50 people into a dead end between the city hall and the Economic University and did not allow the press there. Among this group of people, half were not related to the opposition. During the picket, several people from among the "strangers" standing next to the police officers raised the poster "Ilham Aliyev, we are with you", which aroused the indignation of the protesters. They tore the poster. At the same time, two oppositionists who broke the poster, the police detained.

On October 19, the National Council of Democratic Forces announced a rally in Baku. -03B--

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