PPFA activist swallowed battery protesting against unjustified arrest

PPFA activist swallowed battery protesting against unjustified arrest

The Baku Court of Appeal on Monday did not satisfy the appeal of Party of People's Front of Azerbijan, Elkhan Aliyev against the decision of the court of first instance to arrest him.

At the trial, he said he did not expect an objective decision and swallowed a battery from a remote control as a sign of protest, Aliyev's associates told Turan.

“Elkhan said in court that he did not expect a different decision. He said that some time ago he conducted a dry hunger strike and was assured that he would soon be released either by pardon or by the decision of the appeals court. After the May 25 pardon did not affect political prisoners, he was assured that the appeals court would not satisfy the complaint either,” a member of the PPFA said.
Aliyev considers the verdict illegal and harsh because, having committed no crime, he compensated the victim.

Lawyer Nemat Kerimli confirmed the information that Aliyev said in court that he had swallowed a battery and wanted to end his life.

*Elkhan Aliyev was arrested in July 2023 on charges of “fraud” and “making and using a false document.” The activist called the charges far-fetched. Human rights activists recognized him as a political prisoner.

On April 1, Baku Court for Serious Crimes sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment. On May 13, during the consideration of the appeal Aliyev announced his intention to start a dry hunger strike.

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