Problem of political prisoners remains relevant

A  number of political prisoners in Azerbaijan is so great that they have grouped into groups: prisoners of "hijab", prisoners of  "Eurovision", said the head of the Public Alliance "Azerbaijan without political prisoners" Oktay Gulalyev during conference on the problem of political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

Gulalyev stated the strengthening of the recent repressions against journalists and civil society activists. This is proved by the arrests  of journalist Mirkadirov Rauf , head of NGO " Promoting Democracy" Emil Mammadov , detention of the director of IPD, Leyla Yunus, and her husband, who was forced to leave the country of human rights activist Metanet Azizova,  as well as sentences against activists of  NIDA Movement, journalist Parviz Hashimli , trials over bloggers Abdul Abilov Omar Mamedov.

According to the former "prisoner of conscience"  Babak Hasanov, currently in Azerbaijan the number of political prisoners is about 170 people. The decree on pardon do not solve the problem of political prisoners, and are simulated.

According to Gulalyev, Azerbaijan on the number of prisoners of population is a leader in the CIS space.

Mother  of Sayid Dadashbeyli who for eight years has been in prison , expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that her son and other convicted in this case are not included in the lists of political prisoners.

The problem of torture of prisoners during the investigation and punishment was also touched.

The former "prisoner of conscience" Elshan Hasanov stated the need to inform international organizations about these facts. The discussion highlighted the importance of international organizations to put pressure on official Baku to solve the problem of political prisoners, and stop the persecution of citizens for political motives. -05C06-

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