Rasul Jafarov rejects the accusations

A lawyer Khalid Bagirov met August 4 in Baku prison with human rights activist Rasul Jafarov, arrested on August 2. According to the lawyer, Rasul Jafarov  denies all the charges against him, considering them politically motivated.  He is charged under Articles 192 (illegal business), 213 (tax evasion) and 308 (abuse of power) of the Criminal Code.  The lawyer also called the charges unfounded.

Rasul Jafarov did not have any NGO registered by the  government, he participated in various projects as a coordinator, but it is not the position. Lacking positions  Jafarov could not abuse of office, the lawyer said. He also considers inappropriate charges of "illegal business" because Jafarov  was not engaged in commercial activities for profit. With regard to tax evasion, the investigation  asserts that Jafarov has not paid taxes on 6000 income from AZN 150 over five years of financial activity.

However Jafarov submitted all requested documents only on  July 31, and consequently could not physically so quickly verify these documents and establish the fact of tax evasion.

The lawyer also pointed to the invalidity of the arrest under the pretext of tax evasion. "On July 31,  August 1 and 2 Jafarov  carefully attended prosecutor. How can   they speak about  evasion investigation?

The investigator explained the arrest  by the fact that Jafarov has good relations "with foreign organizations, and he can leave the country. But how can he leave the country  if there is a  ban on his departure? Another argument was that the investigator that, once free, Jafarov can "continue criminal acts." However, getting grants and implementation of projects is not a criminal activity," said Bagirov, adding that the decision to arrest will be appealed. -16D06-

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