Rauf Mirkadyrov blames Russian secret services for his arrest

On  Wednesday a lawyer Fuad Agayev visited a journalist Rauf Mirkadirov accused of treason through espionage in favor of Armenia,  in the pre-trial jail of the MNS.

According to the lawyer, journalist blames  for his arrest the Russian secret services , the lawyer said. He believes that he was arrested for critical materials about Russian politics.

Mirkadyrov denies all the charges of espionage and complains that he was not given any of the newspapers that he asks ;  he is given only the official press. Lawyer sees this as a limitation of the right to freedom of information.

The lawyer also said that the MNSdid not allow  the journalist to meet with the parents, although appropriate appeal was filed  five days ago. "On April 25 lawyers filed a petition to the deputy prosecutor general, Usubov, the head of the jail and investigator, but no answer was received,"  said Agayev.

Mirkadyrov was arrested and deported from Turkey on April 19. Upon arrival in Baku  he was arrested in the plane and taken to the Ministry of National Security , the next day he was accused of spying for Armenia. -16D-

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