Regional Dynamics and the Quest for Peace in the South Caucasus

Regional Dynamics and the Quest for Peace in the South Caucasus

A symposium titled "Prospects for Peace and Cooperation in the South Caucasus," jointly organized by the Center for Analysis of International Relations (UNDC) and the Faculty of International Relations and Economics of Baku State University (BSU), has shed light on the evolving the geopolitical palette of the region.

Farid Shafiyev, Chairman of the UNDC, emphasized Azerbaijan's commitment to engagement with the West, debunking notions of political or economic isolation. Shafiyev highlighted President Ilham Aliyev's active participation in international forums such as the Munich Security Conference as evidence of Azerbaijan's openness to cooperation. In contrast, Shafiyev pointed out Armenia's self-imposed isolation, citing its reluctance to support regional cooperation initiatives proposed by Azerbaijan.

Shafiyev also underscored Armenia's aggressive policies and its failure to address the issue of compensation for the occupied territories, emphasizing the need for international attention to this longstanding conflict. Despite the threat posed by landmines in the region, Shafiyev noted Azerbaijan's self-reliance in demining efforts, albeit with some international assistance.

Musa Gasimli, a member of the Azerbaijani Parliament, echoed the need for a comprehensive analysis of regional and international conditions to achieve sustainable peace. Gasimli criticized Armenia's strategy of waiting for shifts in the global political landscape, particularly in the aftermath of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, as detrimental to the peace process.

Sabina Garashova, an associate professor at BSU, praised President Aliyev's military-political strategy, emphasizing Azerbaijan's victory in the 44-day war and its innovative military tactics. Garashova urged the international community to acknowledge the new realities in the South Caucasus and condemned Armenia's attempts to maintain the status quo.

Javid Valiyev, head of the UNDC Department, highlighted Azerbaijan's growing geopolitical significance and its efforts to enhance cooperation within the Organization of Turkic States (TDT). Valiyev emphasized the importance of military-defense cooperation within the organization as a priority for Azerbaijan's future diplomatic endeavors.

Overall, the symposium provided a platform for insightful discussions on the complexities of regional dynamics and the ongoing pursuit of peace and stability in the South Caucasus. While challenges persist, there remains optimism for constructive dialogue and cooperation among the countries of the region.


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