Retaliatory strike on Iran: Israel has 4 options

Retaliatory strike on Iran: Israel has 4 options

Today, it is highly probable that Israel will launch a counter-strike against Iran, local analysts said.

Iran expected that the missile strike on the night of 14 April would cause reputational damage to Israel, its aviation and intelligence. Israel will have to prove to Ayatollah Khamenei that it was wrong and retribution will be imminent.

Note that Israel does not want its retaliatory strike to result in a regional war. The US and European countries are demanding to refrain from retaliating.

"The anti-Iran coalition is a strategic value for us. The main objective is to preserve it at all costs. Therefore, it is important that Israel's response will preserve this coalition and allow Israel to continue the war in Gaza and the north," writes "Ynet" columnist Ron Ben-Yishai.

To his mind, there are four options for a response: The first is to bomb Iran's strategic sites. These are factories and research institutes, a strike on which would have a serious effect. However, they are located in major cities, which would result in the deaths of citizens.

The second option is a cyber attack: on civilian infrastructure, transport and power supply.

The third and fourth options are related to the elimination of key figures in Iran who are involved in an attack on Israel. This is the task of Israel's Mossad intelligence service.

In any case, the strike should be painful, but not critical and put under the unprecedented survival and prestige of the ayatollahs' regime, says Ron Ben-Yishai.

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