Robert Kocharyan sees himself as the leader of the opposition, which will defeat Pashinyan

Baku/29.01.20/Turan: The imprisoned ex-president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan predicted early parliamentary elections in Armenia in 2020. He believes that the formation of a unified opposition force in the country will make this possible.

I consider the probability of such a development of events to be quite high. Eccentric press conferences of the prime minister like the latter only accelerate the process, "he added in an interview with Yerevan today.

As for Kocharyan himself, the authorities themselves returned him to politics, and keeping him in prison, he successfully makes him a symbol of resistance to Pashinyan’s “mediocre rule”.

“History knows many inspiring examples of successful political struggles from prisons. Probably, I am destined to play a very important role in ridding the country of vicious power that destroys our national identity,” Radio Liberty quotes Kocharyan.

Kocharyan was charged with overthrowing the constitutional order during the dispersal of protests on March 1, 2008, when ten people were killed. In 2018, Kocharyan was arrested twice. At the end of June 2019, he was arrested for the third time. It happened, despite the requests of Russian President Vladimir Putin not to touch Kocharyan, whom he calls his friend and regularly wishes him happy birthday and Happy New Year. -02D-


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