Ruslan Izzetli Considers His Conscription Political Order

Baku / 22.05.20 / Turan: The leader of the D-18 movement, Ruslan Izzetli, will be drafted into the army on May 25, despite the fact that he was previously deemed unfit for military service. He informed Turan about this.

According to Izzetli, on May 22 he was notified from the Agdam district department of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription for military service that he should be at the recruiting station on May 25.

Izzelli considers his conscription a political order.

“On May 4, I underwent a medical examination at the Agdam military registration and enlistment office. On May 6, I received a decision from the Agdam Central Medical Clinic, in which the diagnosis of my kidney disease was confirmed. But, on May 8, I saw in the case a substitution of the act. In the new form it was indicated that I am healthy and only sometimes I get nausea. But, when I was examined in a private clinic in Baku, my vertebral hernia of 5 mm was confirmed, which compresses the nervous system. It doesn’t let me walk a lot, or sit a lot. Doctors urgently recommended a long course of physiotherapy to me and pointed out the inadmissibility of service for reasons of health risks,” Izzetli said.

Despite the fact that he sent medical documents to the appropriate bodies, a decision was made nevertheless to draft him into the army.

According to Izzetili, earlier he received a deferment from military service due to health reasons and his next medical examination through the military enlistment office was to be held in 2023.

“Eight months ago, I underwent a medical examination and on my military card there is a stamp on the postponement from service until 2023. I am 31 years old, so far I have not been called up for service. Now the State Security Service is conducting special operations in various bodies. Let them conduct an audit in the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription for military service and its Aghdam department and check why they still have not taken me into the army. If I was healthy, and they did not call me, then there was corruption. But, if they take me into the army with health problems, then they commit illegal actions,” Izzetli said.

He noted that he was not evading service. “However, let everyone know that calling me into the army with serious health problems is a political revenge for my active citizenship, exposing fraud in the February 9 parliamentary elections, and organizing protests against this,” Izzetli said.

It was not possible to get comments from the State Service on Mobilization and Conscription.   —21v06-


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