Russia continues to move troops to the borders of Ukraine

According to the group Information Resistance, redeployment of Russian troops on the eastern border of Ukraine continued during the past day. As the head of the Center for Military and Political Studies, Dmitry Tymchuk, said, rows of military vehicles heading to the state border were seen in Rostov, near Millerovo, Tarasovsk and Kamensk, numbering 150 APCs and 400 units of motor vehicles.

Last night the railway station Rostov Tovarnaya received 8 multiple rocket launchers Hurricane, 4 BTR-80 armored vehicles, and about a dozen units of automotive vehicles (including fuel trucks).

In the Belgorod region a row of military vehicles was seen, moving towards the state border (30-40 km from the border): about 30 units of automotive vehicles and about 10 units of tracked engineering equipment. -02D-

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