Russian military commander of the Ukrainian Navy is arrested

Commander of  Ukrainian Navy Rear Admiral, Sergei Haiduk, was arrested today at his headquarters in Sebastopol together with a group of officers , reports "Interfax." According to the  press service of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Navy Commander "were taken  in  unknown destination."

The press service also said that nearly 100% of Ukrainian military units are locked, some of them  have been captured. Later  "Kryminform" agency  reported referring to the Prosecutor's Office of Sevastopol, Hayduk " was temporarily detained, because the are some question to him." Today, about 200 fighters  of "self-defense" blocked the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy in Sevastopol, and then they broke into the territory of Staff.

After some to the  negotiations  in the headquarters of the Ukraine Navy Commander arrived  the head of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral Alexander Vitko. After 15 minutes, he left without commenting on what is happening.
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy  Yatsenyuk instructed First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema and Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh urgently go to the Crimea to help de-escalate the conflict.

However, the leader of the Crimean separatists Sergey Aksenov said that envoys of Kiev will not be allowed  to the peninsula. " Nobody will let them  to Crimea, and thy ill be sent back ,"  he said.

The situation in the Crimea remains tense  after yesterday's shooting in Simferopol. According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, on  March 18 as a result of attack  on the 13th Main Directorate of photogrammetric center  of the Chief operative support of the Ukrainian, was killed ensign  of the Armed Forces, Kakurin. After that, the  Ukrainian military in Crimea  were allowed to use  weapons.

Yesterday Yatsenyuk said  that the conflict in Crimea has changed from the political to the military stage  due to fault of the Russian side. Adviser to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Leonid Polyakov said today at a briefing that Ukrainian soldiers have not left Crimea yet. -02D-

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