Sabir Rustamkhanly requests the release of youth activist

Chairman of the Civil Solidarity Party (CSP), MP Sabir Rustamkhanly appealed to the Prosecutor General of the country calling for the release of the youth activist and blogger of NIDA Zaur Gurbanly under his guarantee.

As Rustamkhanly noted, Gurbanly, who was arrested on March 1, suffers thalassemian and asthma, and needs serious treatment.
Rustamkhanly also asked to take into account that Gurbanly had not been tried and provide pre-trial release of the activist.
* Gurbanly is one of the seven activists of NIDA arrested in March-April on Article 228.3 (illegal possession of explosives). He faces a prison sentence of 5 to 8 years. Amnesty International recognized the arrested activists of NIDA «prisoners of conscience».-16B06-

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