Sergei Lavrov.

Sergei Lavrov.

Baku/30.01.23/Turan: Russia is interested in the stability and prosperity of the South Caucasus region, the mutually beneficial use of transport, logistics, trade, investment and technological opportunities. Sergei Lavrov, head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated this at a press conference on the results of 2022.

"We are working intensively to overcome the conflict potential accumulated in the region. One of the priority tasks in this regard is the normalization of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. The basis are the statements of the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia made on November 9, 2020, January 11, 2021 and October 31, 2022. We are convinced that the success of the process depends on the strict adherence to these trilateral agreements," he pointed out.

Lavrov reiterated his readiness to "promote" the "3+3" regional platform (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, as well as Russia, Iran and Turkey), calling it "useful and timely".

As for the normalisation of relations between Ankara and Yerevan, it was under Russian auspices that this undertaking was launched in January 2022, when special representatives of Armenia and Turkey met for the first time in Moscow.

"We are still in close contact with both of them today. We welcome the latest developments, which open up prospects for the restoration of Armenian-Turkish ties, which will contribute to the further improvement of the regional situation," Lavrov said. -16D-

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