Six Azerbaijani citizens repatriated from Syria

Six Azerbaijani citizens repatriated from Syria

On 4 June, 6 citizens of Azerbaijan (5 children and 1 woman) who had been held in camps were repatriated from Syria.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said in a statement that measures will be taken towards social rehabilitation and reintegration of the repatriates.

"The government will continue to take necessary measures for repatriation of Azerbaijani citizens who became victims of armed conflict abroad"’ the Foreign Ministry said.

Earlier, on 14 May, 8 citizens of Azerbaijan, including 5 children and 3 women, were repatriated from Syria.

According to official information, a total of 459 citizens, including 411 children and 38 women, were repatriated to Azerbaijan from Iraq and Syria.

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