Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/29.06.22/Turan: Catching Azerbaijani agents in Armenia and Karabakh seems to have become an Armenian national tradition. Thus, over the past two days one military officer was arrested in Armenia and five in Karabakh for high treason.

According to the National Security Service of Armenia, the arrested soldier was transferring information and photos to the foreign intelligence service. These information and photos included buildings, armament, military armor, number and types of military and transport vehicles, number and arms of reconnaissance and other formations engaged in holding military exercises, as well as the goals of the exercises.

He was recruited through the social network "Odnoklassniki" and agreed to work for foreign intelligence for $4.800. He collected and transmitted information via Whatsapp.

In turn, the security service of the Karabakh separatists announced today about the arrest of a network of agents working for Azerbaijan. All of them are members of the Karabakh army. They were also recruited via Facebook and Tik-Tok social networks, and provided information about locations of military positions, information about the number of personnel, combat readiness, types and quantity of weapons at military positions, the command staff.

Allegedly all this was paid for by a bank transfer of 200 dollars.

Thus the number of Azerbaijan agents exposed in Armenia and Karabakh after the start of the second Karabakh war has already reached four dozen. According to the Armenian sources, half of them were recruited after the end of the war. -02D-

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