The arrest term of Guler Ahmadova is extended for another three months

 The Baku Sabail District Court  extended for another three months  the arrest of former MP Guler Ahmadova, said her lawyer Ragif Mustafaev.

The investigation motivated by the extension of the  term by  the fact that not all procedural steps have been carried out during the investigation,  due to absence of a number of expert reports and testimonies.

However, the lawyer does not agree with the extension of the arrest, because  no serious investigations against  were conducted Ahmadova.

At the trial Ahmadova also did not agree with the decision of the investigation.

The lawyer asked for replacement of arrest to house arrest, but the request was denied. Defense intends to file an appeal.

In addition, the lawyer said that in spite of the request to transfer Ahmadova  to the  clinic of the Ministry of Justice, there are not any results. 

"Everyone is waiting for - someone's instructions,"  said the lawyer.

Ahmadovs was arrested on February 13. She is charged  under the Articles of the Criminal Code 78.3.2 (fraud, abusing trust seizure of another's property to the large size) and 307.2 (harboring serious offenses.)

Ahmadova accused of getting together with her friend Sevinc Babayeva $ 1 million for a false promise to elect the Rector of the International University Elshad Abdullayev, a member of parliament in the 2005 elections.

In addition, the investigation accused  Ahmadova of  concealing Babayeva, sending her to Turkey, and funding  her stay in Istanbul, where she died on 26 December, 2012. -16B06- 


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