The "Azadlig" newspaper is under the threat of closure

The country's leading opposition newspaper, "Azadlig", once again  has faced  the real threat of closure.  The government publishing house "Azerbaijan", where the newspaper is printed,  delivered an "ultimatum"  to pay within a week the debt 20,000 manat to the Publishing House. Otherwise,  printing  of the newspaper will be stopped, said the official warning  of the Publishing House.

Deputy Editor of the newspaper,  Rahim Hajiyev,  told Turan agency, that the debt of the newspaper, because the firm distributing  the press does not pay the editorial board of the sale of the newspaper.

In addition, the  court arrested newspaper’s accounts  due to the  judicial fine on the claim on defamation brought by Tagi Ahmedov, the chief of Baku  Metro.

It is expected that similar fine will be  at the claim of  Kabira Mammadova, the Director of the “Bina” shopping center.

Finally, another lawsuit was  filed against the newspaper by the  Ministry of Defense, claiming  to fine the newspaper 100,000 manat.

All the calls and demands of local and international community to stop  pressure  on the newspaper are not heard. -16D-


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