The establishment of the National Council may be announced on May 28

The leaders of  "Musavat" party and the Popular Front party, Isa Gambar and Ali Kerimli, as well as the head of the movement EL Eldar Namazov, had a long-lasting meeting.

The parties discussed the establishment of the National Council. According to unconfirmed reports, its establishing  may  be announce on  May 28, at the meeting on the occasion of the Republic Day in the village of  Novkhani,  near the  monument to Mohammad Amin Rasulzadeh.

The idea of the creation of the  National Council is the screenwriter and co-founder of the Forum of Intellectuals, Rustam Ibrahimbayov. It is assumed that the National Council consolidates the efforts of the protesting electorate  to ensure fair presidential elections. -16D-


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