Катрин Колонна

Катрин Колонна

Baku/27.04.23 /Turan: Baku has not refused contacts with Paris even in the most tense moments and we welcome the current visit of the French Foreign Minister. During the meeting with Mrs. Colonna, she was informed about Azerbaijan's position on the conclusion of a peace agreement, Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov said on Thursday at  a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna after the talks in Baku.

In particular, she was informed about the Armenian side's inhibition of responses to Baku's proposals to conclude an agreement, open communications and the process of reintegration of the Armenian population.

"The situation on the Lachin road was touched upon separately. This issue cannot be considered separately. She was informed about the events of the last two years and violations by Armenia, including illegal transfer of weapons and military and illegal development of natural resources. The most important thing is the transportation of mines from Armenia and their placement on the territory of Azerbaijan," Bayramov said.

Armenia ignored Baku's proposal to establish checkpoints, both from the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides. The establishment of such a point on the Azerbaijani side does not mean the blockade and termination of communication between Karabakh and Armenia, Bayramov noted.

Referring to the EU mission in Armenia, Bayramov said that Armenia's statements regarding the goals of this mission do not contribute to the approach of peace.

In response, Catherine Colonna said that there is a need for a "dialogue" between Baku and Paris and invited Bayramov to pay a return visit to Paris.

France is aware of the losses and sufferings of Azerbaijan during the first Karabakh war, refugees and deprivations of people. In the conflict, first of all, ordinary people on both sides suffer. "Our appeals are that all this should no longer happen, and a long-term peace should be concluded," she said. "Armenia and Azerbaijan should recognize each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity – this should become the basis of a peace treaty," Colonna said.

It is necessary to abandon the use of force and bellicose rhetoric. "We unequivocally condemn the establishment of the checkpoint by Azerbaijan, and we believe that Baku must comply with the decision of the International Court of Justice," she said. In conclusion, she urged Baku to take into account the position of the United States and France on this issue.

Answering the journalist's question why Paris has not condemned the occupation of Azerbaijani lands for 30 years, has not called Armenia an aggressor, Colonna said that France has always tried to give advice, not condemn someone, in order to bring peace closer. In turn, Bayramov said that Paris, as a mediator of the Minsk Group, for many years ignored Baku's calls to condemn the Armenian aggression, stating that it is necessary to strive for peace.

"After the Second Karabakh War, France does not demonstrate neutrality. Calling for compliance with the decisions of the International Court of Justice, France does not require Armenia to comply with the provisions of the November 2020 trilateral agreement and withdraw 10,000 troops from Karabakh," Bayramov said.

The French Foreign Minister objected to Bayramov and repeated the need to implement the decisions of the International Court of Justice on the Lachin road, so that it would become a "gesture" and accelerate the formation of mutual trust.

Asked about the prospects of the upcoming meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan in the United States, Bayramov said he was grateful to Washington's efforts in this direction. "Azerbaijan will participate in these negotiations and welcomes the efforts of international mediators in this direction," the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister replied evasively. ---02B---

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