The National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) protests against the increase in gasoline prices

Baku / 18.07.17 / Turan: The National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) issued a statement condemning the decision of the Tariff Council to raise the prices for gasoline Aİ 92 from 0.7 to 0.9 manats. The NCDF considered this step as an "anti-people solution" and called for urgent measures to eliminate its negative consequences for millions of citizens. The NCDF urged citizens not to remain indifferent to such a disparaging treatment of the government with its own people.

"Any government is doomed to retreat before the resolute demands of the people," the statement goes on. Further the statement noted that "the competent policy of Ilham Aliyev and his team, the erection of corruption in state policy leads to a deterioration in the financial situation of millions of Azerbaijanis." The NCDF considers that Aliyev's government is trying to shift the burden of economic problems caused by the fall of world oil prices on the shoulders of the people.

The reason for today's difficult situation in the country was a one-sided oil-dependent economic policy, the rise of corruption and monololia, the suppression of free economic initiatives. "SOCAR suffers from poor management. As a result of corrupt transactions of the company, billions of dollars belonging to the people disappear. The company itself was brought to bankruptcy," further noted the statement. The NCDF believes that an increase in gasoline prices will trigger a rise in prices in other areas, as transportation costs will increase. -03D06-

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