The program of the visit of French President Francois Hollande to Azerbaijan began with participation in the opening ceremony of the French Lyceum in Baku, where 350 students will be trained.

 Hollande said he was convinced that this educational institution in which the training will be conducted on the educational standards of France, will contribute to the further deepening of ties between the two countries.

"Azerbaijan has assisted in the opening of a department at the Louvre, where the samples of world culture are."

 Hollande noted with appreciation the contribution of Azerbaijan and the opening of a new department in the Louvre in 2012.

 Hollande also expressed readiness to take Azerbaijani students into the universities of France. "We will build a new center in Paris, which will be ready to accept students from Azerbaijan," said Hollande .

Hollande noted the high rate of economic development in Azerbaijan and wished the same for the development of Europe.

Referring to bilateral economic cooperation, Hollande has also expressed interest in the development of cooperation, not only in energy, but also urban planning, transport and other spheres.

In turn, President Ilham Aliyev noted the high level of political relations between Azerbaijan and France, which affects other areas of cooperation.

He expressed hope that the appointment of the Business Forum on May 12 will further expand the trade ties.  In occasion of the opening of the Lyceum, Aliyev expressed confidence that the facility will be the center of the Azerbaijani- French friendship. Earlier, as recalled Aliyev, the Center of Azerbaijani Culture was opened in Paris. "The Lyceum in Baku will be the second area of France in Azerbaijan after the Embassy," he added.

 Aliyev also said that the Parisian Quarter will be built in the White City created in Baku. -06D-

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