© Фото : Министерство обороны Украины

© Фото : Министерство обороны Украины

Kyiv/01.03.22/Turan: The armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the Seversk region continue to conduct defensive battles in the occupied lines with the objective of preventing the advance of the enemy towards Kipti and Niezhin, the General Staff of Ukraine reported.

Note that a part of the forces continues defending Chernigov hitting the enemy by all available means and preventing the enemy from entering the city.

 In Slobozhanshchina, AFU units continue to conduct defensive battles in the occupied lines, inflicting losses on the enemy in manpower and equipment, and taking prisoners.

 On the Primorski direction, the defensive operation continues in a certain strip.

 The Kiev city defence group keeps fighting and holding certain defence areas, a part of its forces are preparing to carry out unexpected tasks.

 Assault and artillery units have taken up defences around the capital and are improving the fortification of positions.

Territorial defence units are reinforcing the AFU personnel and carrying out tasks to protect and defend important infrastructure facilities in the capital. Volunteer doctor Ruslan Agayev told the Turan news agency.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, a grouping of LNR troops with fire support from the Russian armed forces has advanced up to 61 kilometres since the start of the operation and has blockaded the town of Svatovo. Novoborovoye, Barykyno, Klimovka, Bulgakovka, and Golubovka settlements were taken under control.

Troops of the Donetsk People's Republic successfully attacked, taking control of Ivanovka, Talakovka, Starodubovka, Berestovoye, and Belotserkovka. The advance of the group over the past 24 hours amounted to 19 kilometres.

The advanced units of the Donetsk People's Republic have reached the administrative border of Donetsk region and joined the Russian armed forces' military units that were taking control over the Ukrainian regions along the Azov Sea coast.

As of today, the access of the AFU units to the Sea of Azov has been completely blocked.

On 1 March, the Russian armed forces struck with long-range precision-guided air and sea-based weapons. Two airfields and three air defence radar posts were hit. -0-


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