Bладислав Каневский

Bладислав Каневский

Baku/10.09.09/Тgran: By the end of the year, the Ukrainian Embassy intends to implement a number of projects in Azerbaijan: to open the Trade House of Ukraine, which will also distribute the products of Ukrainian enterprises. In addition, it is planned to open the Institute of Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Azerbaijan and establish cooperation between the regions of the two countries, the ambassador of Ukraine to Azerbaijan Vladislav Kanevsky said this at a press conference in Baku today. In order to develop inter-regional relations, the delegation of the embassy visited the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in July, making investment proposals there. "We plan to work together in the archives to identify historical facts of cooperation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan," the ambassador continued, recalling that 100 years ago Ukraine and Azerbaijan exchanged diplomatic diplomas of mutual recognition signed by the foreign ministers Kraskovsky and Khoysky.

The embassy also envisages opening a Ukrainian Sunday school in Baku this month and expanding work with the Ukrainian diaspora in Azerbaijan. Touching upon the development of cultural ties, the ambassador stated that they are so far limited by the activities of the Center for Ukrainian Culture at Baku Slavic University. There are ideas on holding Days of Ukrainian cinema in Azerbaijan. "Work continues on improving the juridical base of relations between the two countries, developing a political dialogue and preparing the first meeting between Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Zelensky.

He confirmed the principled position of Ukraine in supporting the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan with Nagorno-Karabakh in its composition. Negotiations on the return of the occupied territories can be effective, "if the country subjected to aggression is strong and developed," said the Ukrainian ambassador. Noting the tourism sector, he noted that by the end of the year the number of Ukrainian tourists in Azerbaijan will reach 50,000. However, there is untapped potential. The ambassador believes that an increase in the number of flights between Baku and Kiev is necessary for the growth of tourism. About the energy sector, the ambassador noted that 60 gas stations of the state oil company SOCAR operate in Ukraine. "It is desirable to bring this figure to 100," Kanevsky added.

SOCAR is also one of the distributors of natural gas in Ukraine. According to statistics, Azerbaijan supplies 98% of crude oil to Ukraine, he noted. Kanevsky also touched on cooperation in the military-technical sphere, noting, "The quality of Ukrainian weapons was tested in battles with Russia."

Answering a question about the next steps of Ukraine in relations with Russia after the exchange of prisoners, the ambassador ruled out the "humility" of his country with the occupation of Crimea and Donbass. He repeated the thesis about the need to strengthen the Ukrainian army and economy. At the same time, negotiations in the Norman format will continue, the ambassador said. -0--

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