Ukrainians received a visa-free regime to Europe

Brussels / 17.05.17 / Turan: Today the head of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and the head of the Ministry of the Interior of the presidency of the Council of the EU Malta Carmelo Abela signed the last document for granting visa-free regime to Ukraine The ceremony was attended by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. After signing the regulations will come into force 20 days later - on June 11.

Citizens of Ukraine will be able to enter the countries of the Schengen zone, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland for a period of 90 days for six months. At the same time, work permits and studies in the European Union do not give a visa-free regime.

To cross the border, Ukrainians will need a biometric passport, it is also recommended to have a return ticket, a hotel reservation confirmation, an invitation from relatives, medical insurance and money at the rate of at least 45 euros for each day of stay in the EU.

The introduction of the same mechanism is envisaged for citizens of Georgia too.-02D-

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