Lee Litzenberger

Lee Litzenberger

Baku / 24.07.20 / Turan: On July 23, the US Ambassador to Baku Lee Litzenberger was summoned to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry to meet with Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov.

As reported by the press service of the Foreign Ministry, Khalafov informed the American diplomat about the provocation of Armenian radical groups against Azerbaijanis in various countries, including the United States.

So, on July 21, they installed a banner with insults against Azerbaijan at the gates of the Embassy in Washington. These shots were disseminated in the Armenian media.

In addition, an attack was committed on participants in a peaceful demonstration of Azerbaijanis in front of the General Consulate in Los Angeles, as a result of which 7 people were injured, including one woman.

Attacks of Armenian radicals in front of the police and their injuring several Azerbaijanis damages the reputation of the United States, Khalafov said.

The Azerbaijani side expressed a strong protest and condemned the inaction of the police. The US government is obliged to bring to justice the Armenian radical groups that committed these crimes and provide a legal assessment of the provocative events.

Ambassador Litzenberger expressed deep regret over the events. He pointed to the existence of irrefutable evidence that the provocation in Los Angeles was carried out by aggressive Armenian demonstrators.

There is no excuse for the attack by the Armenians, who outnumbered the Azerbaijanis who gathered there for a peaceful action.

The Ambassador noted that the leadership of the local law enforcement agencies of Los Angeles apologized for the provocation of the Armenians and the inability to prevent it. This issue will be investigated.

Litzenberger noted that the issues raised at the meeting, including the issue of taking additional measures to ensure the security of Azerbaijan's diplomatic missions in the United States, will be raised before official Washington, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said.

In turn, the Los Angeles Police issued an official message on July 23, noting that in front of the Consulate General of Azerbaijan, the Armenians attacked the Azerbaijanis and caused them injuries.

The police said that a criminal case would be opened not only under Art. "Causing bodily harm", but also under a more serious one - "a crime motivated by hatred."

Earlier, Police Chief Michel Moore apologized to the Consul General of Azerbaijan for the inability of the security forces to prevent violence and promised to seriously investigate the case and create an investigation team.

One Armenian was detained in the case, and measures are being continued to establish and prosecute other participants in the illegal actions. —06D-


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