WAC condemns plans to establish a Kurdish state

World Azerbaijanis Congress (WAC) has condemned plans to create a Kurdish state in the historical Turkic lands  in the modern-day Iraq. This was announced at the Thursday public debate in Baku.

During the hearing, it was noted that  in the Middle Ages it was impossible  to Christianize the Middle East during the Crusades,  and now  it has turned into an arena of struggle between the Islamic trends. Most  of all from this war suffer Turkic peoples. Gunmen  from ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) killed in Iraq more than  two thousand Turkmen.

The international community which helps the Arabs and the Kurds  with arms and food, deprived  the Turkmen of such support. "The purpose of all this is  the expulsion of Turkmen from Kirkuk, and the establishment there of a Kurdish state,"  said co-chairman of the  WAC, MP Sabir Rustamkhanly. In his view, Azerbaijan and Turkey are obliged to help Turkmen.

A Turkmen writer Akram Feyzi  who joined the discussion on the Skype, told about the situation in Kirkuk. According to him,  three million Turkmen were forced to flee to Baghdad, Erbil, Karbala,  and Najaf. He confirmed that militants from ISIL kill young people, and take prisoner girls and women. If there is no support of the Turkic world, the Iraqi Turkmen will die.

"The threat of the creation of a Kurdish state exists not only in Iran, but on the lands of the South Azerbaijan," said the representative of the WAC, Babak Muganli.

To eliminate this threat, all the Turkic peoples have to show solidarity.

Participants in the debate have criticized the inaction of the authorities of Azerbaijan and, in particular, the State Committee for Work with Diaspora.

According to the Professor Jamil Hasanli, support the Iraqi Turkmen can provide  Turkey and Iran.

However, in 2003, during the invasion of Iraq to the international coalition, Turkey  distanced itself, and lost its  voice in addressing the problems of the region. As a result, the blow was struck, first of all,  on Turkmen, said Hasanli.

    *In Iraq historically lived several million Turks, who are usually called Turkmen. -05C-

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