Form of protest not having analogue

Today in Azerbaijan to be heard, it is necessary to   make a self-immolation, to jump out  of the window, or at least, to get on the bridge and announce the intention to jump down. These methods, as shows the recent history of the country, are the most effective forms of problem solving.

In a democratic state citizens know that complaints to state agencies, the head of state or a court  are simply  waste of time. It is necessary to sacrifice themselves,  then  this power will take measures, but not because  they hear  the cries, but because these cries can make  others to go  out on the streets, expressing discontent. This what the  authorities fear most.

Then, why does this power  brings citizens in a position where they have no other way than suicide?

According to a Western observer,  at a certain  stage the authoritarian regimes  cease to adequately respond to the outer  world. They are so zombie   so hard, that themselves  begin to believe if the government is criticized - it is  done by the enemies, and all  bad   comes from the enemies.

In such countries  and  under such regimes the fight against corruption leads to an even higher level of corruption, "victories and achievements in the economy",  lowering of living standard , and further the gap between rich and poor.

Repression  of  civil society leads to the absence of  public control over the security agencies, and to ensure that the children of oligarchs change Bently on Mazeratti, shoot  the police, and the other children sitting in the trenches.

This is why people  appeal to extreme measures, because  they do not  believe in  other things. This is a form of protest not having analogue.

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