"We wish Azerbaijan and the region a more promising partnership" - US Ambassador

"We wish Azerbaijan and the region a more promising partnership" - US Ambassador

The American Embassy in Baku held a reception on 28 June on the occasion of the 248th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of America.

US Ambassador Mark Libby said the democratic ideal is America's most important legacy.

"This democratic ideal is majestic. And at the same time, it's an aspiration that we have not yet fully realised," he said.

The Founding Fathers left it to Americans to demonstrate a consistent commitment to democratic ideals.

"I believe that Azerbaijanis also share these aspirations," the Ambassador said.

Touching upon the Azerbaijani-Armenian peace agenda, Libby noted that a historic opportunity has arisen to reach a peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The Ambassador also noted the "noteworthy history of partnership between Azerbaijan and the United States."

 "After Azerbaijan's independence, the U.S. provided $1 billion to the country to develop education and strengthen the economy, assist conflict-affected internally displaced persons, and clear land mines. We are looking for a partnership that has a future. We wish for a more promising partnership for peace and progress for Azerbaijan and the region.

This month, Azerbaijani partners informed me that after the Russian troops left Azerbaijan, for the first time since the collapse of the USSR there are no foreign troops on the territory of the country.  At the same time, the process of demarcating the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia has begun, and the sides say they are closer than ever to exchanging detainees and signing a peace treaty.

The U.S. also believes that these noteworthy steps open a window of historic opportunity," the Ambassador continued.

He said that the U.S. believes that the peace agreement signed with Armenia will bring unprecedented stability and open the door to trade and practical cooperation that will benefit Azerbaijan and the region.

Libby emphasized that the US will encourage the parties to seize this opportunity and do everything possible to support the process.

"This year we are also witnessing the transformation of our strong, strategically important energy relationship. In the first decade of the U.S.-Azerbaijan energy partnership, America has provided important support for the conception, construction, and operation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline and the Southern Gas Corridor. These projects are among our most exciting joint achievements. Without the US-Azerbaijani partnership, this energy infrastructure would not exist, Europe's energy security would be less, and Azerbaijan would be less developed," the Ambassador said.--

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