What does victory of People's Republican Party in Turkey promise Azerbaijan?

What does victory of People's Republican Party in Turkey promise Azerbaijan?

The People's Republican Party (PRP), led by 49-year-old pharmacist Ozgur Ozel, has won the municipal elections in Turkey.

The PRP is considered a Kemalist political force created by Kemal Ataturk. The PRP can be expected to come to power in the foreseeable future, replacing Erdogan's Party. Although the next Presidential election in Turkey will not take place until 2028, a snap election cannot be ruled out due to the economic crisis or the deteriorating health of incumbent President Erdogan.

For Azerbaijan, it is important what Ankara's policy towards Baku will be in the event of Erdogan's departure.

Following the February Presidential elections in Azerbaijan, Özel sent a congratulatory telegram to Ilham Aliyev, expressing the Republican People's Party's determination to continue supporting the principle of "One Nation, Two States" and further strengthening Turkey's ties with Azerbaijan.

Speaking to reporters in September 2023, Özel said that after winning the Presidential election, he would pay a visit to Baku to open a "white page" in relations between the two countries. According to Özel, there are some unclear places in the history of Azerbaijani-Turkish relations that need to be clarified, identify Turkey's mistakes and move forward.


In November of the same year, after becoming the chairman of the People's Republican Party, Özel told Sabah newspaper that the PRP had offended Azerbaijan, it was their mistake. He meant the speech of his predecessor Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who showed the map of the Great Silk Road without the route through Azerbaijan. This speech was criticised in Azerbaijan. In addition, Kılıçdaroğlu also opposed Erdoğan's policy of sending Turkish troops to neighbouring countries.

As of today, Ozgur Ozel is not the only candidate for the next President of Turkey. However, it is clear that the coming to power of the PRP representative will not mean a revision of Ankara's policy towards Azerbaijan.

Besides, the new leadership of the country will certainly abandon Erdogan's idea of creating a "new Caliphate" as the defender of oppressed Muslims and will look towards the US and the European Union.
It should be recalled that Ozel, speaking at the Party congress, said that his first visit as President would be to Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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