Baku/27.03.23/Turan: According to Russian peacekeepers, the Azerbaijani armed forces occupied the 2054m height on 25 March. (2.9 km to the north-east of Mt. Sarybaba) and equipped a post.   This location is shown on the attached map.  Three dirt roads converge at this point to bypass Shusha and reach the Lachin road. 

Thus, it became possible to block not one but three roads at once, which could be used to bypass the Lachin road and travel to Armenia, bypassing Azerbaijani control.

For their part, the Karabakh separatists admitted that a number of Armenian settlements in the Shusha region were cut off from Khankandi. They also acknowledge that they have lost an alternative road linking them to Armenia and that if this link is not restored, the situation for Karabakh will become critical.

According to the same sources, the peacekeepers stand next to the Azerbaijani military and "control the situation;" however, the Russian peacekeepers themselves have said nothing about this.

Baku has thus implemented its threats to stop illegal actions on the part of the separatists.

Sources in Karabakh inform that the day before the Armenians returned heavy road machinery to Khankandi, which had been widening the alternative road in recent days. 

The red line on the map shows the bypass road used by the separatists until recently.

The yellow mark is the point of the new checkpoint of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

The Lachin road is indicated in yellow. -02B-

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