Yerevan regarded Aliyev's statement as "gross interference in Armenia's affairs"

Yerevan regarded Aliyev's statement as "gross interference in Armenia's affairs"

The Republic of Armenia has no territorial claims against any of its neighbors, including Azerbaijan. This is stated in the statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry in response to the statement of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

"The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and the amendments thereto are an internal affair of the Republic of Armenia, and we assess official Baku's attempts to interfere in internal Armenian discussions as gross interference in the internal affairs of our country. At the same time, we believe that such allegations torpedo the peace process and cast doubt on the sincerity of the Azerbaijani leadership in achieving peace. The peace agreement concluded between Armenia and Azerbaijan clearly establishes that the parties recognize each other's territorial integrity and have no territorial claims against each other. The draft peace agreement also has an agreed provision that neither side can invoke its domestic legislation to fail to fulfill obligations assumed under the peace agreement. The signing of the agreement and its ratification in accordance with national procedures will definitively consolidate these principles. According to this, we believe that the clearest and most direct way to dispel all the fears of the parties is precisely the signing of an agreement that will open the page of long-term peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan is ripe enough for signing, and the Armenian side expresses its readiness to work constructively and intensively on its completion and signing within the next month," the Armenian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

It should be recalled that on the eve Ilham Aliyev announced the impossibility of signing a peace agreement with Armenia unless the constitution of this country is changed in the part containing territorial claims to Azerbaijan.--


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