Youth activist Parvin Chobanov arrested

Parvin Chobanov, a member of the youth committee of the Movement for Democracy and Welfare, was administratively arrested for 20 days.

A member of the board of the MDW, Adalat Yusub, told Turan about this.

According to him, Chobanov was detained on June 28. He was accused of committing an administrative offense of “failure to obey the police.” The court ordered his arrest for 20 days.

 According to the MDW, Chobanov’s arrest is connected with his critical speeches on social networks.
“He published videos about lawlessness in Azerbaijan on his page in

TikTok. He had over a million subscribers. And the reason for the arrest is precisely because of his activity on TikTok. After his arrest, his TikTok account was blocked,” Yusub said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs could not be reached for comment.

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