Главы Польши, Латвии, Литвы и Эстонии в Киеве с президентом Зеленским. 13 апреля 2022

Главы Польши, Латвии, Литвы и Эстонии в Киеве с президентом Зеленским. 13 апреля 2022

Kyiv/14.04.22/Turan: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that the talks with the Presidents of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were fruitful.

"The talks were fruitful. It is important that the Presidents visited Borodyanka in the Kiev region, where they saw with their own eyes what the occupants have done," the President said.

According to Zelensky, it became another argument for his colleagues to push harder for really tangible sanctions against Russia.

"First of all, we need an oil embargo and a clear European readiness to reject all Russian energy supplies. The European Union must stop sponsoring the Russian war machine," stressed the head of the state once again.

He reminded that a group of Ukrainian and international experts has been working for three weeks to analyze the real impact of the sanctions applied against Russia and provide suggestions for their strengthening.

The experts prepared specific proposals that would help to remove the loopholes that Russia uses to circumvent the sanctions, and thus make the sanctions tangible for Moscow.

Duda said that during his visit to the liberated settlements in the Kiev region, he saw two faces of this war. The first was the Ukrainian military, who fought the Russian occupiers in keeping with all the rules and principles of war.

"And we saw the second face of this war which is difficult to understand... These are the bombed residential areas, destroyed residential houses. Not military installations, but ordinary houses where ordinary people live... I saw these ruins on television, and now I see them in real life. It's hard to believe it. That's why I told Mr. President Zelensky that this is not war, but terrorism... this is brutality and banditry...," he said.

The Polish President said he would never agree with this second face of war.

"There have been wars since the dawn of humanity; however, in the 21st century, killing women and children, bombing apartment buildings, high-rise buildings is terrorism, it's gangsterism. It is trampling on the tenets of international law... There is no place today for people who have such attitude to these principles among the international community," Duda believes.

Hence, in his view, Russia must be excluded from the international communities.

"Russia cannot be perceived... There can be no dialogue with someone who tramples on these principles. The Russian Federation must admit ... that it attacked ... and the perpetrators of these crimes and the people who authorized and ordered these crimes must be held accountable ... They should all be punished in international courts... Whoever commits things of this kind must be punished, and until the punishment is over, he must be eliminated...," the Polish leader noted.

As reported by UNIAN, the Presidents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland arrived in Kiev by rail on April 13 as a sign of solidarity.-


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