225 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Azerbaijan over the past day

Baku/21.07.21/Turan: 225 new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection have been registered in Azerbaijan over the past day, and 108 people have been treated.

According to the Operative Staff under the Cabinet of Ministers, four people died of COVID-19 today.

So far, a total of 339,062 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the country, of which 331,537 have been treated, 4,998 have died and 2,527 are active patients.

During the last day, 6,593 tests were conducted to identify new cases, and a total of 3,935,913 tests were Also, over the past day, 15,025 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The number of people vaccinated with the first dose was 5 452, the second - 9 573 people.

The total number of vaccinated in Azerbaijan today is 4,357,839, of which 2,597,118 were vaccinated with the first dose, 1,801,782 people were vaccinated with the second.conducted over the past period. —06D-


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