A new type of punishment for libel

Baku / 16.10.17 / Turan: It is proposed to introduce a new type of punishment for slander in Azerbaijan (Article 147 of the Criminal Code). So, in the order of the legislative initiative of the president, an amendment to this Article is envisaged. Henceforth, except for correctional labor for a period of 2 years or imprisonment for up to three years, a new form of restraint of liberty will be applied in the form of the stay of the convict under supervision at the place of residence without complete isolation from the community. In practice, this will mean an obligation not to leave the place of residence for a certain period of time and to carry electronic control.

In addition, the convicted person will be obliged not to leave the boundaries of the territory determined by the court, not to change the place of residence, work or education without permission. The bill will be submitted to the parliament for discussion on October 20. According to the MP Fazil Mustafa, the innovation will expand the capacity of judges to make alternative punishments. At the same time, the previous sanctions of Article 147 will also remain in force. -05D / B06-

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