At the trial in the case of  Jeyranli the judge demanded that witnesses be heard

Baku / 04.08.17 / Turan: On Friday, the trial in the case of Farman Jeyranli, the co-founder of the Lancet clinic, continued in the Tbilisi City Court. At the meeting there was a castling of state prosecutors, because the previous representative of the prosecutor's office went on vacation. Asked by the judge whether the defendant is not against the replacement of the state prosecutors, Jeyranov said that this does not matter, since the trial is politically motivated.

The new state prosecutor, instead of calling and questioning the witnesses, began to read out their testimony given during the preliminary investigation. This was caused by the protest of lawyer Gela Nikolashvili, who regarded this as an attempt to falsify the process. The protest was also expressed by Jeyranli. The judge was forced to stop the trial, and to demand that the state prosecutor invite witnesses to testify for the next meeting on September 5.

The political emigrant Dashgin Agalarly, who was at the trial, told Turan that the charge was based on the version of the article about Jeyranli, published before his arrest on the website of, and not on real facts. "In fact, the prosecution fulfills the order of the Azerbaijani authorities," Agalarli said.

It should be reminded that accusations have been made under the Article 247, paragraph 1 (concealing information threatening life and health), and Article 180 (3) (b), an attempt of mass fraud, against Jeyranli, who was arrested on May 22. Jeyranli said that the charges brought against him were contrived and had nothing to do with him. He stated that his arrest was of a contract nature, he did not bear any legal responsibility for the actions indicated in the official charge. The defense also called unfounded the charge against his client on fraud. -- 0-

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